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AoM Workout Radio

Why AoM is the Next Evolution of Fitness:

Why did I create this platform? Great question! Athletics and music have both been life-long passions of mine, and I want to build a stronger, more visible, bridge between the two for others. The fluidity between dance, fight movement, and musical inspiration has fascinated me for many years. We are all part of larger vibrations carrying us along in it's currents. I recognize that this is something we can tune our minds into through the mastery of our bodies, ultimately unlocking our spirit's full potential.


My goal is to bring this joy and strength into people's lives in the form of empowerment - both physical and mental - so that they have the confidence to be curious about the world, and the physical capability to be a part of it. 

If you would like to support this journey into fitness and music, simply click on the link below, and it will take you directly to my fundraising campaign. I am producing every drop of this content myself, and the more time I have to work on this platform, the better everyone's results will be! I appreciate your support, and I hope to see you here often!

AoM GoFundMe:

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