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Introducing BadKat


For many years, BadKat has provided heavy hitting entertainment. Widely known for her vocal work and live performances in hip hop, she is also a popular DJ in Berlin where she provides club enthusiasts with adrenaline fueled ghouse sets. She recently launched her music & fitness platform, Angel of Mud, where she is building a bridge between electronic music and personal fitness, and now she delights us all with news of her upcoming studio recording and production work. Southern Comfort is to be released this July, and features BadKat & Kiko King on vocals, with BadKat on the production boards as part of the Dungeon Mob collective. This will be the first of several releases schedule for this year, including a new solo album, a second ep featuring herself and Kiko King, a full length group album by the Dungeon Mob collective, and a continued stream of electronic productions to be found on AoM streaming radio. 


Additionally, BadKat has launched her media design website, m-archetypes.com, where she offers a variety of audio and visual media production services. Uncoincidentally, BadKat is preparing much of the launch media content for all of her projects, so if you're in the market for creative content, she is absolutely the woman with the goods. For information about her services, performance availability, or press interest please send an email  with a description of your request.


If you're simply looking for some good music and fun times stay tuned in to this website for regular new content, and be sure to subscribe to your favorite BadKat channels by clicking on the icons below: 

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