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Dungeon Mob is a Berlin-based music collective with international origins, covering a wide range of talents & genres culminating into the freshest fusion sound out today. A playful, yet masterful, combination of funk, hip hop, rock and hard core, plus a dash of psychedelic, provides a colorful landscape for hard hitting and honest lyrics, while giving ample texture and instrumentation for a massive sound. This team of creators is hard matched for their authenticity, technical abilities and high volume output.

Perhaps in the making for years, but seemingly in the blink of an eye, they have found themselves on an organically grown path of collective enterprise. There success all boils down to one thing: a relentless quest to explore the creative spirit. All together, this small team has an impressive output that weighs in favor of quality over quantity - although, you wouldn't be the wiser considering their extensive catalogue. Not only does their work span many genres of music (albeit with an unmistakable Dungeon Mob sound), but they also maintain a steady flow of multimedia visual productions. From the bottom to the top of the production cycle, they do it all, and it's easy to see, and hear, this in their final product.

With multiple releases already beginning, and continuing on through the end of the year, all signs are pointing towards big things for this tiny army of creative giants! Stay tuned to Dungeon Mob online for regular music, videos and media content.

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