With over 20+ years of experience in photography, video and visual design, I can help you get your artistic vision out of your bedroom and onto the streets. I offer a variety of services to help develop your brand strategy, including: photography, graphic design, copy writing, video production, audio recording, and online platform development.

My goal is to help artists find their way into the marketplace by using strategies customized to their medium, voice and purpose. Whether you're a visual artist, musician, writer or hula dancer, we can help you package your goods in a way that not only reaches a bigger audience - but reaches them with the kind of sincerity that the artist, and art world, need.

Here is a small gallery of photos, design and videos that were developed for various artists, but if you really want to understand how I can help you achieve your goals, shoot me a mail and let's schedule a meet! I would love to help you get your dreams off the ground and soaring! There is nothing but now. Get busy!

WKS Vinyl Eye
Photo of Artwork
Event Flyer
Photo of Artwork
RTB Flyer
BadKat Logo
Logo Creation
For the Birds
Event Logo
LMNZ T-Shirt
Artwork Design
Duct Tape
Hyena Clan
Logo Design
Growler Beer
Beer Label/Logo
Breaks No Brakes
Artwork Design
Artwork Design and Layout for Print
The Cumdown
Artwork Design
Knuckle Sandwich
Photo and Artwork Design
Knuckle Sandwich
Photo and Artwork Design
WKS Album Art
Photo and Artwork Design
Kiko King
Logo Design
Hyena Clan
Logo Design
Artwork Design
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Anything to Hold - Dana Shanti - Music Video

Gay Money - Purdy Holsom - Music Video

Less We can - Duct Tape - Music Video

Hyena Clan - Series Intro

Hoody Up - BadKat - Music Video

Starsurfing - BadKat - Music Video

Unborn Secrets - BadKat - Music Video

Yes But No - BadKat - Music Video

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